It’s Not Too Late to Get Involved!

The semester is coming to a close! Did you let it fly by without taking the initiative to get involved? I know I did my first semester here. There are so many opportunities here at Geneseo and especially within MacVittie Union. You may have attended the Student Organization Expo in the beginning of the year and witnessed those ample amount of opportunities, maybe even signed up for a few clubs, but your efforts stopped there. Don’t let stepping out of your comfort zone keep you from witnessing all that Geneseo has to offer. Spring semester is just as important of a time to start your involvement and you won’t be alone; the bombardment of transfers will be nervous and excited to start their involvement as well!

There are hundreds of clubs that fit every personality and interest and if there isn’t, feel free to start your own club! Looking for volunteer or charity focused clubs? Circle K, Hippies for Hope, or Colleges Against Cancer would be perfect for you! Want to be involved in club sports? Baseball, Crew, Cheerleading, Bhangra, and plenty more club sports are available! Take a peak at our growing Greek community and see if any of those organizations peak your interest! There are also a variety of culturally focused groups, musical oriented groups, religious groups, political organizations, and special interest groups! 

Cannot wait to see you involved in the Union and around campus next semester!



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