Share Your Square!

Geneseo is blessed to have students who care and are involved in numerous clubs and activities. This is shown by the over 200 clubs and organizations on campus that range from interest in languages, volunteering, greek life, academics, and just plain fun. These clubs define the essence of Geneseo and each one makes up a different, unique, and special aspect of our community.

The MacVittie Union itself is the heart of campus, and serves as a meeting place for many of these clubs and organizations. As the center of the campus and community, it will also host the final product of a collaborative project between the MacVittie Union and all the organizations on campus: Share Your Square. Every group on campus has been invited to decorate a small tile in whatever way they choose. The completed squares will be arranged in a collage in the top of the Union for years to come. This symbolizes the uniqueness of each and every club being linked together as organizations of Geneseo.

With luck, the collage will be up before the start of the next semester, keep your eyes peeled for this creative addition to the campus and community!


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