What can diversity do for you?

The question of whether Geneseo is a diverse campus or not arises often enough for it to be a main point of conversation for incoming students as well as current students on campus. The MacVittie College Union is the center of campus here at Geneseo and has a great display of diversity. Don’t believe me? Check it out!

From the colors of the Geneseo Bhangra team’s costumes to the exotic, cultural spices of the cultural dinners, the MacVittie College Union (MCU) exudes diversity. I mean, the main lobby of the MCU has the flags of just about every nation hanging right there! You walk in and the familiar flag of either your or your parents or your grandparents’ home nation greets you. There are so many clubs that meet in the MCU to show off their diversity, and hey, just to let everyone in on a little secret, you do not have to be part of that culture to join! That’s incredibly fun! You can check these clubs out on Knightlink.geneseo.edu to see when they meet or when their upcoming Cultural dinner might be! Being a part of the cultural performances, whether its participating or watching, is an experience in itself.  Learning about a new culture is nothing like any kind of homework you will get from a classroom. This is outside learning at its best and it’s the type of experience that you will always remember.

The MacVittie College Union also has office space for many of the Cultural groups on campus, these organizations can be found in the Mosaic Room on the 1st floor. So the next time you come to the College Union, come check out the amazing diversity of Geneseo, and be a part of the diverse experience that can only be found here in the College Union!


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