The Heart of the College

It’s been a month or two since the semester began, and students have gotten into the swing of things. This means that every hour and fifteen minutes, Starbucks is inundated with students seeking a caffiene jolt before their next class. Fusion Market fills to the brim with students rushing to grab a gyro or some other foodstuff. Meetings take place in various rooms, the lounges are home to study groups and club gatherings. This is truly the heart of the campus, where the lifeblood of the college, the students, passes through on its way to the farther parts of the town.

The College Union brings together the whole student body in ways that no other thing can. Many pass through it daily, as regularly as clockwork. Friends are made, connections established, over a cup of coffee or at the Juice Bar. Cell phones are charged. Essentials are purchased at the school store, Student Association policy is dictated in the Hunt Room, mail is delivered. The building hums with life and energy.

The College Union is not only a building. It is a site of togetherness and comfort, of creation and action. It is not only a building. It is the Heart of the College.


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