A Place to Call Home: The MacVittie College Union


I’ll never forget the first time I called Geneseo my “home.” It was during Fall Break my freshman year, and after spending all day at my house with no one but my cat around me, I made the exasperated claim as soon as my mom walked through the door. “How was your day, Sweetie?” she asked me. “Ugh!” I shot back at her, “I just want to go home!” Considering I was talking about Geneseo, the room went completely silent. I think my mom was mildly offended, but you have to admit…you’ve been in the same boat before.

For me, I’ve never considered home to be a particular building. Home is the people you surround yourself with. Home is a feeling. At Geneseo, I consider the Macvittie College Union to be my home. I start my day studying in the early hours at Starbucks, and end it by checking out the newest Geneseo Late Knight event. From sunrise to sunset, the MacVittie College Union is a place you can always find me.

At the MacVittie Union, it is almost guaranteed that I am going to run into someone I know. You can always find a friendly face here. And no matter how upset my mother gets when I say it, Geneseo and the MacVittie College Union will always have a place for home in my heart.



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