Group Work at the Mac U

Close your eyes and imagine: You have a semester long group project and need to find a place your group can meet to work. Your first thought is the library. Not a bad option, but at this point in the year tables are crowded with pledges and people who seem to treat Milne as a social scene. To add to your stress level, you were elected to the e-board of a club but now you need a place to meet, hang out, and discuss your club’s happenings. What is a Geneseo student to do?

MacVittie College Union to the rescue!!

The College Union is your one stop shop for meeting with groups. The Union has plenty of conference rooms on the third floor that can be reserved for regular club or group meetings. The conference rooms come in handy for more informal types of group work as well. There are lounge areas upstairs if you’re looking for casual group hang outs or meetings too. On the first floor, the MOSAIC and Hunt rooms can also be utilized for meetings by reservation or when they are vacant.

Working or meeting in the College Union gives you quick access to a variety of food thanks to Fusion Market. Even more important than food to many of us college students is coffee! With the addition of Starbucks, you can get the caffeine fix you need to recharge your group and get your best work done.

Hope to see you  and your group soon!


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