The Union—That’s Your CUE!

Lots of patrons in the MacVittie College Union know the employees that work there, known as CUEs, by their most basic job requirements. I’ve often heard people saying “oh yeah, isn’t a manager’s assistant that person that carries the clipboard around?” or telling their friend “the Concierge Desk is that box on the bottom floor of the Union where you can rent out bikes”. But CUEs have a much more important role here that you may think.
CUEs are an integral part of the Union. Believe it or not, people really have stolen or purposely damaged furniture or other items in the building, and it’s the manager assistant’s job to prevent this from happening to this best of his or her ability. The manager assistance does everything from moving furniture to answering phone calls, from designing publicity for the Union to bringing important documents all over campus. The CUE in the corner pocket rents out fun equipment to students, and the CUE in the concierge desk has a similar job. But the role of a CUE goes beyond all of these things. Every CUE has the responsibility of being a positive representation of the MacVittie Union all over campus. CUEs know more than anyone else what is happening in the building, and are always ready to tell their friends and peers more about the activities and events. There is almost always a club selling tickets for their next event, a fun free event, a craft to make or a game to play, and MacVittie employees can help spread the word about all of these!
CUEs have a major impact on Geneseo’s campus. I have heard CUEs telling their friends how to fill out a specific form, when a concert or dinner is taking place in the Union, and even the newest drink at Starbucks, and they gained all of this knowledge simply by working here. CUEs are a positive presence in the Union because they are always willing to help, and they make it a fun and engaging place to be. CUEs bring the Union to the entirety of Geneseo’s campus and student body!
So the next time you see someone working in the Union, remember that they have a big role on campus, and say hello to them! They love it here and they want you to too!


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