What’s Knightlink All About?

Knightlink. You’ve probably seen the advertisements, gotten the emails, noticed the painted wall near the Union and maybe even have been told about it in a group meeting. But what IS Knightlink anyways? We’re about to find out.

Knightlink is Geneseo’s newest way of connecting the campus through its Organizations. College Union and Activities and the Student Association created the site in 2011, so it is a very recent addition to the Geneseo community. Joining Knightlink is rather simple, as all it takes to register is your Geneseo username and password! Every student and staff at Geneseo can, and should join the website for multiple different reasons.  As you can see by checking out the website (knightlink.geneseo.edu) Knightlink is more than just a listing of Student Organizations. Here are just a few of Knightlink’s fabulous features:

Events Listings

Once you join Knightlink, you will be shown a large variety of different events held throughout the Geneseo campus, both at the present time and upcoming events as well. All students on the website can see events for all different Student Organizations on the Event Bulletin Board. This is a great too because not only will you be notified of Events coming up for your own organization, but you can also discover fun things happening right at Geneseo that you wouldn’t otherwise have known about.

Personal Recommendations

One of Knightlink’s coolest features is the Recommendation tool. Given that there are over 200 Student Organizations at Geneseo, it can be a bit daunting to search through all of these to discover something that you like. With the Recommendation tool, all the searching is done for you! Simply fill in your interests and preferences, and Knightlink will find Organizations that suit these interests. This tool is located on the left side bar of the page right below where your Profile Picture is located. By using this feature, you can find out about the background of the organization, meeting times, and contact information, and all you had to do was check off a few boxes!

Text Messaging System

Another awesome feature of Knightlink is the Text Message system. Once you log on to Knightlink and create a profile, you have the option of adding your cell phone number to your profile. Your phone number is NOT given out to anyone.  This secure feature enables an organization head to message the student through the website directly to the member’s cell phone. This can make planning events, meeting times and other situations much easier and more efficient, and communication can run much more smoothly.

With all of the great things that Knightlink has to offer, it’s hard to imagine someone not wanting to join. Over 1,700 Geneseo students have joined Knightlink…why don’t you give it a try?


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