Amplify What You Have to Say!

Approaching the grand building you immediately see advertisements for Starbuck’s seasonal drinks. As you walk through the doors you are flanked by a number of blue colored lobby tables where people are promoting and fundraising for the organizations they belong to. Looking down you see an advertisement contact papered on the floor for some event in the near future and in front of stands a Black Sandwich board with the information displayed in vibrant colors. Initially you are overwhelmed and impressed by the amount of information coming your way and then you realize: you are in Geneseo’s MacVittie College Union.

As the geographical and social center of campus, the Union is the obvious hub for any individual or organization to advertise events, meeting times or virtually anything else that needs to be known by the student body. With this being said, the Union is an invaluable resource because of its ability to allow anyone on campus to communicate in a virtually uncompetitive environment. Other resources for publicity include the painted wall located just outside the union, QR codes that smart phones can scan for further information as well as bulletin boards and windows that can be used for attention-grabbing displays of information.

In order to take advantage of the publicity opportunities in the Union, keep a few things in mind. First off, students must submit a Publicity Reservation Request Form from Room 321 in the Union and return in it seven days prior to the date needed. The Union also encourages creativity in forms of advertising, such as QR codes. These advertisements must also be approved by Chip Matthews. Another thing to keep in mind is the use of tape in posting items is strictly prohibited. All offenders will face the wrath of Chip Matthews. Finally be sure that when you do get your publicity reservation to use it! If you do not use the reservation within two days of the start date of your reservation you will give up your request. Offenders who do this twice in one semester will lose their reservation privilege for the remainder of the semester.

Publicity in the Union is as popular as it is valuable. Without this defining feature of the Union, the student body would be missing a key resource in communicating and relating to the college community. If you want to get the word out, take advantage of publicity in the Union!


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