It’s Not Too Late to Get Involved!

The semester is coming to a close! Did you let it fly by without taking the initiative to get involved? I know I did my first semester here. There are so many opportunities here at Geneseo and especially within MacVittie Union. You may have attended the Student Organization Expo in the beginning of the year and witnessed those ample amount of opportunities, maybe even signed up for a few clubs, but your efforts stopped there. Don’t let stepping out of your comfort zone keep you from witnessing all that Geneseo has to offer. Spring semester is just as important of a time to start your involvement and you won’t be alone; the bombardment of transfers will be nervous and excited to start their involvement as well!

There are hundreds of clubs that fit every personality and interest and if there isn’t, feel free to start your own club! Looking for volunteer or charity focused clubs? Circle K, Hippies for Hope, or Colleges Against Cancer would be perfect for you! Want to be involved in club sports? Baseball, Crew, Cheerleading, Bhangra, and plenty more club sports are available! Take a peak at our growing Greek community and see if any of those organizations peak your interest! There are also a variety of culturally focused groups, musical oriented groups, religious groups, political organizations, and special interest groups! 

Cannot wait to see you involved in the Union and around campus next semester!


Share Your Square!

Geneseo is blessed to have students who care and are involved in numerous clubs and activities. This is shown by the over 200 clubs and organizations on campus that range from interest in languages, volunteering, greek life, academics, and just plain fun. These clubs define the essence of Geneseo and each one makes up a different, unique, and special aspect of our community.

The MacVittie Union itself is the heart of campus, and serves as a meeting place for many of these clubs and organizations. As the center of the campus and community, it will also host the final product of a collaborative project between the MacVittie Union and all the organizations on campus: Share Your Square. Every group on campus has been invited to decorate a small tile in whatever way they choose. The completed squares will be arranged in a collage in the top of the Union for years to come. This symbolizes the uniqueness of each and every club being linked together as organizations of Geneseo.

With luck, the collage will be up before the start of the next semester, keep your eyes peeled for this creative addition to the campus and community!

What can diversity do for you?

The question of whether Geneseo is a diverse campus or not arises often enough for it to be a main point of conversation for incoming students as well as current students on campus. The MacVittie College Union is the center of campus here at Geneseo and has a great display of diversity. Don’t believe me? Check it out!

From the colors of the Geneseo Bhangra team’s costumes to the exotic, cultural spices of the cultural dinners, the MacVittie College Union (MCU) exudes diversity. I mean, the main lobby of the MCU has the flags of just about every nation hanging right there! You walk in and the familiar flag of either your or your parents or your grandparents’ home nation greets you. There are so many clubs that meet in the MCU to show off their diversity, and hey, just to let everyone in on a little secret, you do not have to be part of that culture to join! That’s incredibly fun! You can check these clubs out on to see when they meet or when their upcoming Cultural dinner might be! Being a part of the cultural performances, whether its participating or watching, is an experience in itself.  Learning about a new culture is nothing like any kind of homework you will get from a classroom. This is outside learning at its best and it’s the type of experience that you will always remember.

The MacVittie College Union also has office space for many of the Cultural groups on campus, these organizations can be found in the Mosaic Room on the 1st floor. So the next time you come to the College Union, come check out the amazing diversity of Geneseo, and be a part of the diverse experience that can only be found here in the College Union!

The Heart of the College

It’s been a month or two since the semester began, and students have gotten into the swing of things. This means that every hour and fifteen minutes, Starbucks is inundated with students seeking a caffiene jolt before their next class. Fusion Market fills to the brim with students rushing to grab a gyro or some other foodstuff. Meetings take place in various rooms, the lounges are home to study groups and club gatherings. This is truly the heart of the campus, where the lifeblood of the college, the students, passes through on its way to the farther parts of the town.

The College Union brings together the whole student body in ways that no other thing can. Many pass through it daily, as regularly as clockwork. Friends are made, connections established, over a cup of coffee or at the Juice Bar. Cell phones are charged. Essentials are purchased at the school store, Student Association policy is dictated in the Hunt Room, mail is delivered. The building hums with life and energy.

The College Union is not only a building. It is a site of togetherness and comfort, of creation and action. It is not only a building. It is the Heart of the College.

A Place to Call Home: The MacVittie College Union


I’ll never forget the first time I called Geneseo my “home.” It was during Fall Break my freshman year, and after spending all day at my house with no one but my cat around me, I made the exasperated claim as soon as my mom walked through the door. “How was your day, Sweetie?” she asked me. “Ugh!” I shot back at her, “I just want to go home!” Considering I was talking about Geneseo, the room went completely silent. I think my mom was mildly offended, but you have to admit…you’ve been in the same boat before.

For me, I’ve never considered home to be a particular building. Home is the people you surround yourself with. Home is a feeling. At Geneseo, I consider the Macvittie College Union to be my home. I start my day studying in the early hours at Starbucks, and end it by checking out the newest Geneseo Late Knight event. From sunrise to sunset, the MacVittie College Union is a place you can always find me.

At the MacVittie Union, it is almost guaranteed that I am going to run into someone I know. You can always find a friendly face here. And no matter how upset my mother gets when I say it, Geneseo and the MacVittie College Union will always have a place for home in my heart.


Group Work at the Mac U

Close your eyes and imagine: You have a semester long group project and need to find a place your group can meet to work. Your first thought is the library. Not a bad option, but at this point in the year tables are crowded with pledges and people who seem to treat Milne as a social scene. To add to your stress level, you were elected to the e-board of a club but now you need a place to meet, hang out, and discuss your club’s happenings. What is a Geneseo student to do?

MacVittie College Union to the rescue!!

The College Union is your one stop shop for meeting with groups. The Union has plenty of conference rooms on the third floor that can be reserved for regular club or group meetings. The conference rooms come in handy for more informal types of group work as well. There are lounge areas upstairs if you’re looking for casual group hang outs or meetings too. On the first floor, the MOSAIC and Hunt rooms can also be utilized for meetings by reservation or when they are vacant.

Working or meeting in the College Union gives you quick access to a variety of food thanks to Fusion Market. Even more important than food to many of us college students is coffee! With the addition of Starbucks, you can get the caffeine fix you need to recharge your group and get your best work done.

Hope to see you  and your group soon!

It has begun …

We have been in Geneseo for over two weeks, but for some it may feel as though it is already the middle of the semester. Let’s not rush the year just yet people. I don’t think anyone wants to deal with the stress of finals anytime soon.

Everyone is starting to transition from summer vacation mode to student scholar mode, or perhaps you’re ready for the unpredictable Geneseo college scene.  Whichever mind state you are in, realize that the gears have definitely shifted and school has truly begun! I have already come across students with exams, pop quizzes and extensive papers due within the month. Some students have pulled all nighters in their rooms while others are finding solace in Club Milne and South Hall. Various student organizations have put on events through the Geneseo Late Knight program and many more showed what they had to offer to the campus at this year’s student expo, which had over 150 different organizations present in the College Union. So much has been going on, however, I hope that your semester has had a smooth start thus far.

CU&A may have provided a lot of events these past weeks, but we have so much more in store, so keep your eye out for future events and activities by visiting the CU&A twitter, Facebook and Knightlink websites listed below. Also, if you have any ideas for programs, trips, or activities, that you would like to partake in, apply for the various grants we offer, and make your ideas a reality. You can also send your thoughts and suggestions to the CU&A interns whose information is provided below. There is plenty of opportunity to express yourself, meet new people, learn and have fun through the College Union & Activities.